♣ “Bridge” Agents

"♣": Estrategias específicas empleadas por los estudios de caso para incrementar su nivel de auto-sustentabilidad.Pueden estar en inglés o español. Por favor usa el traductor del menú lateral 

"♣": Specific strategies used by the case studies to increase their degree of self-sustainability.They might be in English or in Spanish. Please use the side menu translator
Más información sobre estas estrategias en: Agentes "puente" 
More information about these strategies at: “Bridge” agents 
  • The initiative has also been supported by external researchers and professionals who have helped it to formulate alternatives to become self-sustainable. Several of the external experts are part of the “Friends of the Community Ecotourism Network of Los Tuxtlas” group. The group first met during a visit to the community, and supports the initiative by promoting it through social media, inviting people, etc.
  • [This/the initiative]’s intervention in labor disputes and its tasks of promoting the rights of this sector have generated many resistances and made it difficult to obtain financial support that, rather, usually comes from foundations and foreign embassies (mainly). [This/the initiative] also collaborates with volunteer organizations of universities, hospitals, the justice bureau, unions, news agencies and other government agencies, which in addition to financing support it with courses, training, and know-how. All these associations, coordinated by a department exclusively responsible for public relationships, allow the initiative to work project by project and ensure the gratuity of its services.

  • Gain international visibility by bringing famous figures to attract funding.
    • [This/the initiative] also ensures that all its programs are supported by training to form “multiplier” agents, that is, local leaders that can manage and disseminate the programs independently.
      • Como orquestador de redes, y al igual que en estos ejemplos, [Esta/la iniciativa] más que (o además de) desarrollar productos o proyectos propios, tendría la función de gestar y facilitar los medios necesarios para motivar que la comunidad universitaria genere proyectos de investigación e intervención concretos por sí misma,  aprovechando las dinámicas alternativas de colaboración que éste le ofrezca. Para ello precisa no sólo del trabajo de los técnicos y administrativos, sino de la participación de investigadores de varias disciplinas, que sean sensibles a las tendencias y necesidades de las diferentes áreas del conocimiento.
    • La rentabilidad del proyecto tiene también que ver con el efecto multiplicador que tienen los investigadores que colaboran con [Esta/la iniciativa] y que llevan la forma de trabajo que éste propone a sus centros de adscripción.
    • The Participation in the Carbon Bond Market Scheme:
    • Donations are possible to a large extent as a result of the project’s intention to participate in the carbon bond market through an intermediary. The carbon bond market is an international instrument to account the emission of greenhouse gasses which are not produced or are reduced as a result of compensatory measures such as the generation of renewable energy, improvement of energy efficiency process, afforestation, avoided deforestation, lakes and rivers cleaning, etc., to voluntarily mitigate the environmental damage caused. These bonds are translated into carbon emission certificates (CERs), each one equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) reduced or avoided, which can be redeemed for a price set by the international market rules. The carbon bond market is one of the internationally recognized mechanisms that allow particulars and public and private organizations become conscious of their responsibility towards climate change, and participate actively by selling or buying CERs to comply with the objectives of mitigating the environmental damage caused.To participate in this market, [This/the initiative] hired an intermediary entity – Terra Global Capital (from San Francisco) – for the design and promotion of the project within the international carbon bond market and the payment for the services to the beneficiaries. Therefore, all red tape procedures for this scheme are done by intermediary companies like this one that budget their payment themselves.
    • some of the recommended strategies contained in the Strategic Plan for [This/the initiative]’s sustainability and scalability are:
      • The formation of a network of multipliers.
      • The expansion of communication tools.
      • The inter-institutional exchange of methodological processes of expansion.
      • The transfer, dissemination, and replication of environmental technologies.
      • The cooperation with the public and private sector.
      • The methodological reorientation to ensure a greater interaction with public policies and both public and private institutions, identifying common demands and possible cooperation initiatives, using information technologies for gaining scale.