♣ Demonstrated scaled effect

"♣": Estrategias específicas empleadas por los estudios de caso para incrementar su nivel de auto-sustentabilidad.Pueden estar en inglés o español. Por favor usa el traductor del menú lateral 

"♣": Specific strategies used by the case studies to increase their degree of self-sustainability.They might be in English or in Spanish. Please use the side menu translator
  • The network has allowed Geopark staff to guide other geopark initiatives in their validation process, and to share with them their experience and impact, largely achieved due to sustained state support.
  • [This/The initiative]  Farm was the first farm to implement the model of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in China, a model of sustainable agriculture that has inspired the creation of more than 500 farms and forged entrepreneurial attitudes in several of its participants (volunteers, residents, etc) — creating, as Baizigui, in charge of the communication area, suggests, an awareness within the community in regards to “organic agriculture, as well as recreational and natural education and the role of the public garden model”.

  • The company was created in 2016 by business students of the University of Hong Kong — now 5 or 6 of them plus vendors —, who inspired by similar initiatives that operate in the United States, England and other countries, collaborate with companies and universities to develop their model and fulfill their mission to raise awareness among citizens about the misunderstanding that exists with the best before date labeling, ensuring a more efficient and ethical use of food resources (and less waste), and reducing the ecological impact that their production and waste generate. It does this by selling these products at low cost, which its members believe will help accelerate the impact of the government campaigns already undertaken to clarify the meaning of the labels for the public, since the main attraction for people seems to be the low cost of the products. “When people see that they sell products which best before date has already passed, they will begin to change their habits. This is how we support and accelerate the government’s educational campaign”, argues one of the creators of GreenPrice. For him, what the government should do is to prohibit suppliers from throwing away products whose expiration date has not yet arrived. But the government is slow, and it is that margin of time, in what the rules change, what GreenPrice uses to boost its project, giving consumers an alternative.

    • Identify institutions like Sosense or Global Giving to establish parity funds in terms that are similar with those [This/the initiative] has settled with these foundations. That is, besides searching for parity funds established on the basis of the Community Contributions Inventory mentioned within the Recommendations of the[This/the initiative]section (see R1),[This/the initiative] can search for parity schemes that double or increase donations received by outsiders and let people know their support is going to have a scaled effect thanks to the parity funds agreement with the donors.
    • Placing emphasis on the need for connecting donors with their recipients emotionally, by:

    a. Exposing clearly not only what [This/the initiative]’s programs do and how they do it but their results (with statistics – quantitative – and sponsorship testimonials – qualitative).

    b. Making a one-to-one connection between sponsors and sponsored children ([This/the initiative]’s philosophy is: “connect one person who wants to help, with one child who needs it”). Phrases such as “sponsorship changes the lives of children-and their sponsors”; “an encouraging letter will mean so much to keep him or her enthusiastic about school”; “you will receive regular annual updates on his or her performance in school”; and, “your sponsorship serves as an ongoing reminder to your child that life can be different and better” (ibid.) are used.

    • Finding children sponsorships: Sponsors are offered to pay $28 USD/month to sponsor a boy/girl of their choice, and are explained how their contribution is going to be used, and that it is going to be combined with others to attend to all children in the area and their community. Strategies to secure sponsorship include concerts, sending trained fundraisers to streets and malls to solicit sponsorship face to face, setting community funds for all children where children sponsors can also donate, etc.
    • Cómo convences de que es buen proyecto? Demostrando que es viable, original (diferenciación), aportando buenos argumentos (advocacy capacity), demostrando historial de éxito (empresa exitosa porque siempre ha utilizado los apoyos como prometido  y ha tenido resultados: confianza basada en resultados), haciendo buena publicidad en el proceso, cultivando credibilidad.
    • Además de la constitución como donatarias autorizadas el gobierno ofrece otros medios para apoyar la financiación de OSC. Los fondos paritarios de INDESOL por ejemplo (el Fondo de Coinversión Social) tiene uno de los procesos más transparentes y cuenta con indicadores complejos con un proceso interesante en que se discute dictaminación en mesa redonda. Pero el apoyo máximo es de 300mil pesos y es tan tedioso el trámite que no vale la pena y filtra  a muchos. En todo caso te sirve para institucionalizarte y no volverlo a hacer.
    • [Esta/la iniciativa] es un negocio privado iniciado por X en 1960 cuya actividad económica principal, la venta de árboles de navidad, es complementada por una serie de programas que buscan promover la sensibilización y conservación ecológica, la educación ambiental y el desarrollo socioeconómico local. Ello le ha ganado varios premios por su contribución al desarrollo sustentable.
    • Increasing the capacity of the[This/the initiative] to attract funding by putting emphasis on connecting the donors with the beneficiaries by creating a portfolio for the donors of the Solar Night Schools Program (in specific) that includes concrete information about:

    1. The problem that the Night Schools address.

    2. The[This/the initiative]’s mission, vision, and organizational scheme – personnel, programs, etc.

    3. The Solar Night Schools Program (a systematization of the model and how it works).

    4.The results obtained so far from the Solar Night Schools Program — qualitative (case studies) and quantitative (statistics) information that can connect the donors with what their funding might support and explain to them how was the region before the Night Schools started and how is it now.

    5. The organization’s financials.

    a. How does the[This/the initiative] collect money for the Night Schools, how does it use it, and how is it distributed.

    b.[This/the initiative]’s financial self-sustainability (here could be included the Community Contributions Inventory suggested in[This/the initiative]’s R1).

    6.  A “Gift Catalogue” where options are offered to the donors about means to contribute with items, activities, or services for the children and explaining how are they going to be used.

    7. Emotional connection with the donor: a conclusive text that concretely explains to the donor how their contribution is going to benefit the Solar Night Schools Program, and more importantly, the children and their communities.