♣ Emotional connection

"♣": Estrategias específicas empleadas por los estudios de caso para incrementar su nivel de auto-sustentabilidad.Pueden estar en inglés o español. Por favor usa el traductor del menú lateral 

"♣": Specific strategies used by the case studies to increase their degree of self-sustainability.They might be in English or in Spanish. Please use the side menu translator
  • clientes (a quienes prefieren llamar visitantes)…
    • Increasing the capacity of the [This/the initiative] to attract funding by putting emphasis on connecting the donors with the beneficiaries by creating a portfolio for the donors of the Solar Night Schools Program (in specific) that includes concrete information about:

    1. The problem that the Night Schools address.

    2. The[This/the initiative] ‘s mission, vision, and organizational scheme – personnel, programs, etc.

    3. The Solar Night Schools Program (a systematization of the model and how it works).

    4.The results obtained so far from the Solar Night Schools Program — qualitative (case studies) and quantitative (statistics) information that can connect the donors with what their funding might support and explain to them how was the region before the Night Schools started and how is it now.

    5. The organization’s financials.

    a. How does the[This/the initiative] collect money for the Night Schools, how does it use it, and how is it distributed.

    b.[This/the initiative] ’s financial self-sustainability (here could be included the Community Contributions Inventory suggested in Amigos de Calakmul’s R1).

    6.  A “Gift Catalogue” where options are offered to the donors about means to contribute with items, activities, or services for the children and explaining how are they going to be used.

    7. Emotional connection with the donor: a conclusive text that concretely explains to the donor how their contribution is going to benefit the Solar Night Schools Program, and more importantly, the children and their communities.