♣ Feedback mechanisms

"♣": Estrategias específicas empleadas por los estudios de caso para incrementar su nivel de auto-sustentabilidad.Pueden estar en inglés o español. Por favor usa el traductor del menú lateral 

"♣": Specific strategies used by the case studies to increase their degree of self-sustainability.They might be in English or in Spanish. Please use the side menu translator
  • This support allowed them to:
    • learn from other similar initiatives in the country through government programs designed for exchange, collaboration and feedback between peers (with different ecotourism projects in Oaxaca and Guerrero states, etc)
  • The use of social networks such as Wechat, Weibo, Taobao and their own website, allows the farm to organize with the participating consumers, receive their feedback, disseminate its project, sell its products online and diversify the forms of payment for the convenience of the consumers (through Alipay for example).

    • To ensure accountability and transparency in the management of its resources, [This/the initiative] has planned that its board of directors is monitored by a board of supervisors equivalent in rank and, in addition, that its activities and decisions be published on its website and social networks — which also serves to receive feedback on the initiative.

    • The administration of the project through the mentioned web platforms not only favors efficient and transparent management (each step of the process is published online and therefore is subject to scrutiny) but also the open feedback of the users. This, in turn, allows maintaining the quality of the market and its products, because, for example, each farmer has a profile that can be evaluated by consumers.

    • The web platforms, the process of selecting, reviewing and packaging the products, as well as the frequent observation visits by the [This/the initiative] members to the communities (in which they carry out monitoring processes from time to time), all serve as supervision and feedback systems for the initiative. These systems allow it to devise measures to ensure significant changes every year, which enable it to adapt and face implementation problems — such as making visits to other markets in Beijing to learn how to meet the specific demands of the city’s consumers (who have other food culture) or ensure the conservation of the products during their transportation (buying a packaging machine, refrigerators, etc).

    • At the beginning of the project, the team devoted itself to distributing pamphlets in different neighbourhoods of the capital city to find potential buyer partners. But the strategy did not work because people lacked a personal connection with them and therefore of trust or interest in their project. Soon the researchers decided to redirect their efforts to their most immediate social networks. Thus, with the help of colleagues, friends and even family members, little by little they consolidated a network of consumers (friends and friends of friends) who are committed to supporting the project and providing feedback, and whose network has taken its own rhythm of growth.

    • piensan que si la gente tiene algo que decirles se los dirá.
    • Como mecanismos de retroalimentación, ElEsta/la iniciativa] toma en cuenta los comentarios de los participantes en las plataformas web antes mencionadas, y cuenta además con un libro de sugerencias  disponible en la sala principal a todos los visitantes.
    • the program has decentralized the decision-making process (it has created Village Education Committees and a Children’s Parliament!), giving schools the ability to keep relevant and effective for the communities — by taking advantage of their inputs
    • In education, while[This/the initiative]’s efforts where concentrated until not long ago into complementing schools’ activities, they are now focused on a pilot project developed in partnership with a few schools, a foundation, and the local government for making education more locally relevant. For that, they make use of a participatory mapping technique (explained below) which allows them to identify which elements of the local context are more familiar and significant for the children and their communities, and customize the teaching learning materials accordingly.
    • Si bien otrora el intercambio de servicios se efectuaba con la mediación del agente de tiempo (al que se le enviaban correos solicitando  su ayuda para formalizar acuerdos), hoy en día el proceso se lleva a cabo directamente en  una página de internet con diseño especial para bancos de tiempo, en la que aparece la lista de los servicios tanto ofrecidos como solicitados, y a través de la cual los inversores hacen sus transacciones y administran sus cuentas de tiempo.
    • Como uno de los retos que enfrentan este tipo de iniciativas es que dependen de la tan socavada confianza entre la gente, los agentes de tiempo formulan un reglamento que platican a detalle con los nuevos miembros en el momento de su incorporación, en el que les piden, por ejemplo, informen  a sus clientes si alguna vez no podrán cumplir con el trabajo que acordaron, para evitar falle la red completa. Además, la página del banco del tiempo no sólo ayuda a registrar los movimientos de forma transparente (generando confianza). También cuenta con un sistema de calificaciones para los usuarios (comentarios, estrellas) que permiten identificar los nodos (miembros) de la red que pudiesen estar causando problemas.
    • a model in which there is vast participation of learners, parents and other community members, teachers, and administrators in the school management, supervision and control, decision-making, planning and the implementation of education programs, and the development of curricula, and learning and teaching materials.[This/the initiative] is certainly a practical demonstration of such concepts, since it highlights the importance of co-management, relevant education, and strong context integration in order to ensure equal access to quality education.
    • Include a space on their website to receive ideas and experiences in their collaborative network.