♣ Local capacity builder

"♣": Estrategias específicas empleadas por los estudios de caso para incrementar su nivel de auto-sustentabilidad.Pueden estar en inglés o español. Por favor usa el traductor del menú lateral 

"♣": Specific strategies used by the case studies to increase their degree of self-sustainability.They might be in English or in Spanish. Please use the side menu translator
  • One interviewee thought that for ecotourism to make a profit “you must invest time“. The organization through cooperative societies has allowed them to gradually build their capacity for operation. Each cooperative has now commissions (for lodging, food, surveillance, administration, etc.) that have been strengthened by experience and education. The cooperation with experts and university researchers have helped the project develop step by step.
  • The initiative’s leaders interviewed thought that the nomination as a UNESCO Global Geopark has benefited them greatly because of the influence and learningthey have received from exchanges with other parks in the network.

  • The detailed and holistic development planthat allowed Songshan to acquire the UNESCO label, considered aspects such as:
  • Granja de Agricultura Sostenida por la Comunidad que promueve el desarrollo sustentable facilitando la participación social — mediante visitas, renta de tierras cultivables, demostraciones de agricultura ecológica, consultorías, educación y capacitaciones, investigación y desarrollo de tecnologías, así como investigación teórica y promoción de políticas.