♣ Preventive measures

"♣": Estrategias específicas empleadas por los estudios de caso para incrementar su nivel de auto-sustentabilidad.Pueden estar en inglés o español. Por favor usa el traductor del menú lateral 

"♣": Specific strategies used by the case studies to increase their degree of self-sustainability.They might be in English or in Spanish. Please use the side menu translator
  • RECT’s development plan focuses on community peasant ecotourism. The communities, each organized into cooperative societies comprising several families, analysed which local resources could be used. They carried out environmental impact assessments to identify the number of visitors that could be received without affecting the environment. They have trained the participating villagers and have distributed responsibilities so that all aspects of the eco-tourism industry are covered.
  • Unlike other UNESCO global geoparks, only the entries to the Museum of Geology and to the astronomical observation platform are free of charge. Entrance fees for services and other sites of interest are charged to ensure its maintenance, and to limit the number of visitors to the area.

  • This was considered when the Chinese government began to gradually implement measures to regulate mining, close factories, and recover the place.
  • UNESCO Global Geoparks seek to promote the global agenda for sustainable development by:
  • Geoparks must also safeguard and disseminate local culture so that local populations can mitigate natural risks, appreciate their natural and cultural resources, and benefit economically from the creation of economic opportunities such as geotourism.
    • Para enfrentar posibles amenazas al bosque de carácter impredecible, se han diseñado medidas de prevención que incluyen:
  • •brechas contra incendio•entrenamiento a todo el personal para abatir incendios•cultivos mixtos de árboles que evitarían que la plaga en un tipo árbol afectase a los otros y que previenen el desgaste de la tierra•contratación de un staff propio de expertos (biólogos, ingenieros y técnicos).•Adicionalmente, aunque aseguran que la seguridad no supone un problema en la región, un equipo de guardabosques resguarda de la potencial tala y robo de los árboles
    • The program’s potential optimistic and pessimistic scenarios, which includes financial constraints.
    • strengths (including the abovementioned systematization of its achievements, its co-management capacity, credibility obtained, and the extent of social participation with which it works), opportunities, weaknesses (including the lack of systematization of its model, the working conditions, and the management of the organization’s energy and resources), and challenges (including the lack of stability in the funding sources, the limitedness and lack of flexibility of the resources available for institutional strengthening, etc.).